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For there is no authority except from God. - Romans 13:1

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

Baptism is defined in the Book of Common Prayer as full Initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ's Body The Church. This sacrament is offered within the context of the celebration of the Eucharist on prescribed  days in accordance with the Church calendar.  This is to allow the entire community to accept responsibility for nurturing of the newly baptized and to welcome them into the household of God. The Guild of The Christ Child staff should be contacted after submission of the Online Baptism Application Form, or for any questions regarding the form or the Baptism process.


The Sacrament of Confirmation

It is required of those to be confirmed that they have been Baptized, are sufficiently instructed in the Christian faith, are penitent for their sins, and are ready to affirm their confession of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This Sacrament is administered by a Bishop at a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Confirmation classes are held during the year in preparation of receiving the Sacrament.


The Sacrament of Matrimony
We believe marriage to be a most important and sacred action in God's creation requiring the utmost preparation of the couple, and the prayers and support of the community.  It is an exciting time and an event well deserving the lifting up of God's blessings, and sharing with the church's membership. Arrangements should be made at least four months in advance of the event, allowing time for premarital counseling sessions.


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