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The Gospel Choir
Spiritual Growth Activities:
The Gospel Choir of the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas' musical ministry and evangelism are enhanced by regularly engaging in prayer, Bible study, offering witness and giving testimonies.  Opening and closing every meeting and event with prayer strengthens our cohesiveness as members of the body of Christ and gives a deeper meaning to our ministry. During the 2003 season of Lent, choir members studied the Book of Job, with most members reading a chapter a day and culminating in a discussion forum after Easter. 

In 2002, the choir hosted a free praise and worship workshop which was led by a visiting pastor and attended by invitees and members of other churches as well as our own. The choir leads an outreach program, where our ministry is not only offered in person, but also carried out through e-mail prayer chains, by visiting, sending encouraging letters and cards to the sick and suffering, by celebrating victories such as healings and marriages, by rewarding caregivers with help and much needed rest and by preparing meals and giving flowers to shut-ins and the elderly.  The Gospel Choir views its prayer and study ministry as a holistic, sustaining and healing vehicle of God through Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Choir is a one-body, one-spirit, Christ-centered organization that uses its God-given talents of music as a ministry to spread the Gospel through song.

The St. Thomas Gospel Choir was formed in 1991 and sings on the Second and Fourth Sunday of the month and as part of the Mass Choir for special occasions as requested by the Rector.  The Gospel Choir travels all over the eastern seaboard, and released their first CD in November, 2002. Their second CD was released in April 2005. Each of their CDs can be purchased at St. Thomas Church or click here for online purchase. For more nformation about the St. Thomas Gospel Choir and to hear the music, please click here to visit the website.

The present director Mr. Waltier Blocker is a very talented man who has introduced many new and inspiring forms of music to both the choir and congregation. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings, 7:30 p.m.

Who may join? Anyone who enjoys the fellowship and discipline of belonging to a choir and wishes to raise their voices in song to praise the Lord.