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“Those things which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, are seen in me, do and the peace of God shall be with you” – Philippians 4:19

We joyfully welcome and encourage the youth of our families, friends and guest to join the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas’ Church School ages 4-11, and SOULdiers4Christ, (Teen Program ages 12 -18), on our spiritual journey. This journey takes us through the Bible where we learn to apply the good news of Jesus Christ to the events of our daily lives, we learn about faith, and about building a lifetime relationship with God and family.

Our focus is on prayer, fellowship and worship. The lessons are taught through our age level Bibles, songs, and games. Our lessons are tailored to follow the Episcopal lectionary, the same lessons that are being read during the service, providing an excellent opportunity for parent–child interaction at home.

We recognize every child as a vital link to the growth of the AECST family. We strive to give our children the tools needed to help them with their Christian walk in life, assuring them of God’s love, mercy and grace.

We meet every Sunday morning starting at 9:45 AM. We offer healthy snacks and strongly encourage our parent’s involvement. A variety of teaching methods are used: storytelling, question and answer, drawing, painting, posters, crafts, Bible study handouts, spoken and written prayers, poems, stories and parables, singing, skits, puppets, role play, Bible quizzes and games.

Throughout the year parents and children are invited to participate in Church School outings and events including the Pumpkin Parade, a Thanksgiving project, the Christmas program, an Easter Egg Hunt and the Church School Closing Program. We encourage the children to form friendships with one another, strengthening our church family, giving them a sense of belonging to a community that encourages them to return to church regularly continuing their walk of faith.

Dottie Archey, Church School Superintendent:
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Church School starts at 9:45 am
Church School Children Pick-up 

Given the number of children that we are blessed to have in the Church School, please pick up your children from the classrooms in the undercroft , rather than in the Great Hall.
Church School Envelopes 
If you wish to make a good will offering to the Church School, please use the Church School Envelopes included in your bulletin, on the 4th Sunday each month. Thank you. 
Church School Newsletter 
The Church School Newsletter is distributed every month on the 4th Sunday, starting in the fall. Please contribute any news you may want to share about your child to Dottie Archey or the child's teacher.


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