Chosen 300 Ministries...

Uniting The Body Of Christ To Reach The World!

To bring people of different membership groups together; helping them to realize that despite our differences in our race, ethnic group, denomination, social class, economic classes, or the diverse ways we practice our faith; we can unify ourselves for the common good.

The purpose of our unification is to distribute meals and services to the homeless.

Origin and History
In early 1995, Rev. Brian Jenkins had a vision to bring Christians of different denominations and backgrounds together for a one-night prayer service. On Sept.29, 1995, He and his wife Shandai Jenkins led an all night worship and prayer service for 300 Christians. The service was based around the theme of Gideon (Judges: 6 & 7) who chose 300 men to fight against the Midianites. A year later 1996, Rev. Jenkins and Shandai ran into a homeless gentleman after coming from the theater one night. They ministered to him and gave him their only forty cents. That experience sparked them to feed the people in Center City, Philadelphia. Since that Tuesday in 1996 the two have organized the distribution of more than 400,000 meals to the homeless of Center City. There are now 44 local Churches, from different denominations & races that are part of the Chosen 300 Alliance to feed the homeless. The ministry now reaches around the world with international support sites.

The African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas Meets Chosen 300
Tim Barksdale asked God what was next after completing his term as President of AECST Men's Ministry & Fellowship. The answer came when Rev. Fr. Bonney invited Rev. Brian Jenkins to speak to St. Thomas about his calling. Tim was so energized by that presentation of June 2008, that he immediately contacted Rev. Jenkins about leading the church on the mission of feeding the homeless. After getting Rev. Fr. Shaw's blessing, Tim signed up over 120 volunteers from the congregation and raised the money to make this AECST/Chosen 300 alliance an official St. Thomas outreach ministry. Today with the help of many devoted St. Thomas volunteers, close to 300 people are fed and ministered to on the 3rd Friday of every other month. The group continues to thrive from the support provided by the church guilds, music ministries and dedicated St. Thomas donors.

Your Help Will Make A Difference
We ask for at least two hours between 11am to 4 pm to help prepare and pack food at the Church or 5:30pm to 8pm to serve at the Chosen 300 Center, 1116 Spring Garden and Ridge Avenue 19123. We accept monetary donations and look for each church organization to participate for at least 2 hours one month of the year. Teens can receive Community Service Credits.

Call Tim Barksdale at 215-868-6766 or email: for questions or to volunteer.

For more information, visit the CHOSEN 300 MINISTRIES website.


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