Second Sunday After Pentecost/Tenth Annual Caribbean Sunday

"Good morning family, friends and visitors of the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas. Welcome to the Tenth Annual Caribbean Sunday Service. It's 10 o'clock. We hope our Morning Meditations have prepared you for a service to receive all of God's gifts. Please have your "praise" passport for the ushers to inspect, and leave all of life's baggage at the door; it's time to thank God for the blessings He's bestowed upon His people. And if you've forgotten your "praise" passport, we're sure you'll have one before the end of today's service. If St. Thomas is your home, then, welcome home. And if you're visiting, we hope to see you again, soon. We pray that the spirit of the Caribbean and the love from our members will warm your hearts today, and forever. May God bless us all."
Produced by AECST Videographer Quentin Heyward
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